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Cannes Lions Festival 2017


Studio COB Black   71
Studio COB Chrome   12
Display COB Black   24
1m battens   74
0.5m battens   11
Colorband pix-m   24
Nexus panels   1
E910FC select lens   20
S4 Pars EXG Lens   15
S4 50 degree   12
S4 Zooms maybe fixed   16
Rogue R1 Wash   24
Kryptons   6
TVL1000   6
Epic stips   24
Epic bars   24
Core Pars   20
Color Dash accents   8
Wireless kits   6
RGB LED   500
rgb power supply   2
led driver   0
200a 3Ph Disto    3
Dimmers 12 ways with 63a split 2
MQ60    3
MQ500   1
buffers   8



Airwatch London conference @London Metrpole

Snell and Willcox @ IBC Amsterdam

ICE at Excel

Major Jobs at MWC Rigging and lighting









New tunnel roof stage , just been measured for its covers , 15.5m x 9.5m Deep, first outing at bewl on 11th june

Venue: Fira Gran Via Barcelona

Show: MWC2015

Stands: Intel , Airwatch ,Firefox , DTS , Wiko ,Etisalat

Date: 16th Feb to 11th March 2015

Lighting and rigging Design on all stands: Steve Hubbard

Lighting Design for the cloud : Ryan hubbard

Crew: 12 Men LX and Rigging

Transport: 5 Artics

Truss: 1000m Fd34 eurotruss

Motors: 500kg x 188

Lighting: 33 x par64 , 78 x S4Pars 750w , 42 x S4 profiles ,  20 x Fresnels and codas , 6 x DTS2000cmy spots , 6 x DTS1200 wash , 40 x Studio COB Black , 60 x Studio COB Chrome ,

12 x Chroma Q one fresnels , 26 x Nexus 4x4 Panels , 12 x DTS Titans , 12 x Chroma flood 200s ,

12 x MT 360w , 62 x MTC Battens 1m , 8 x MTC Battens 0.5m , 45 x MBI400w , 36 x MBI75w , LED Strip 100m , 1 x Chamsys MQ80 , 1 x Chamsys PC wing , 3 x Chamsys pc's , 1 x Hog Pc , 1 x ORB , 1 x Frog , 2 x 12 way Celco fusion Dimmers , 1 x 36 way Paradim ,

1 x 48 way AVO art 2000 , 5 x Indu 63a mains RCBO Distros ,

1 x Indu Powerlock 72 way RCBO Distro ,


Fact:Intel (all LED ) rig had head room on a 63a 3ph Supply , Airwatch all generic ran on 3 x 125a 3ph.





Intel Cloud , 24 off Nexus 4x4 panels bit mapped and contolled By Chamsys MQ60
Construction of intel Cloud , Nexus panels fitted , perspex about to be frosted
Wireless DMX now in stock


Company news

New Just ordered MTC2 1/2m Led Battens

Just ordered StudioCOBFC Led Pars

70 new MTC2 Led battens

Eurotruss 14m circle and a 17m




Allen and Heath SQ6 Arriving next week
Chauvet Rogue R1 Wash Beam now in
Chauvet Rogue R1 Wash now in
Chauvet Ovation E-910FC in stock
Chauvet Rogue R1 FX-B in stock

Chauvet Geezer LED Smoke machines just in

ProLights DISPLAYCOBFC 1x 60w now instock and with barn doors , chrome on order


KV2 VHD2 system . Looking into ordering.

KV2 VHD1 system . Looking into ordering.

Ayrton Blades. Looking into ordering.Very interesting effect

Now in stock

StudioCOBFC Led pars,

As bright as a 1Kw Par , RGB and White

     Now in stock

     StudioCOBFC Led pars IN CHROME

     As bright as a 1Kw Par , RGB and White

MTC batten2 1/2 meters have arrived and are prepped ready to go

TVL1000 mk 2

ORBS get new larger touch screens

Nexus panels now in stock

Now in stock Chamsys Q60's

Now in stock Chamsys Wings

Powerlock to socapex Distro now in stock

BigFish 'Tank' available for hire. Structure or fully kitted out
BigFish 'Tank' Structure For Hire
BigFish Lozenge Structure For Hire
Bonhams Structure at Goodwood Revival
Roof Systems
Roof Systems


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