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CAD Files



DWG File for MTC2 Battens
Side and end elevations of 1meter and 0.5 meter
MTC2 BATTENS 1M and 0.5M.
File [340.5 KB]
DWG File for Eurotruss FD34
Symbol overview FD 34.
File [524.5 KB]
DWG File for Eurotruss FD33
Symbol overview FD 33 R14.
File [814.2 KB]
DWG File 3D symbols for eurotruss FD34 , FD33 ,FD32
Zip File
.zip File [4.9 MB]

ORB Personalities



ORB Personaity File for MTC2 Battens
ORB Personaities :Mode A 4ch , Mode B 5ch , Mode C 7ch , Mode D 72ch
File [195.8 KB]
ORB Personaity File for MTC-360WZ
ORB Personaities :16Ch
MTM-360WZ new.
File [13.3 KB]
Prolight Pixpan16
Prolight Pixpan16 personalities All modes
prolights Pixpan 16.
File [24.9 KB]
Prolight Studio COB
Prolight Studio COB 5ch Personality
File [176.7 KB]

Desk Manuals



ORB Manual
ORB Manual Download
Adobe Acrobat document [6.9 MB]
Chamsys manual
Chamsys magic Q manual
Adobe Acrobat document [1.3 MB]
BigFish 'Tank' available for hire. Structure or fully kitted out
BigFish 'Tank' Structure For Hire
BigFish Lozenge Structure For Hire
Bonhams Structure at Goodwood Revival
Roof Systems
Roof Systems


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